How to Free Yourself From What Limits You

Define the Desires at Hand

I don’t think that I would have been aware of the changes that has been unfolding within me and giving visual meaning outside of me. How you live, gives a person a remarkable clue on they type of individual you are. Everything that you do is a mirror effect and that gives a lot of meaning to the unveiling eyes. When you are aware of that amazing fact, then you can proceed to the next step, which is being completely honest with yourself. Only you would know the real reason why you may feel on the things you desire, so addresses it!

The best way to start is to put your being in solitude. Take time away from others and especially around people that are not serving well on your journey. Having time to yourself is a way for you to open up and dive deep. Meditation is a great way to silence yourself and your actions, and have you really being intuned with yourself. Writing down your thoughts is another way that is helpful in finding the answer to your troubles. Ask yourself questions. When you are writing take this time to be completely raw with how you are feeling. You are aware of how it started and you are also aware of how it will end. Being honest is trusting your intuition. Your intuition will answer any question that you ask right away. “But guess what the issue is?” You rather follow your egotistical personality and deny the answer at hand. We all do it, and we all do it daily. Let’s be real with ourselves and take action on what is limited us from going forward freely on our path.

I want to make an example of this for you! Smoking is harmful, and You know it is by multiple ways. You also know it will cause you issues in the future if you continue to smoke. Now, your intuition already has you feeling guilty, if you are maybe spending your last on it, smoking around your children, or in your home, the smell is disturbing , your mucus is piling up, and it goes on. You are aware of this but continue to smoke. This is a perfect example of following your egotistical personality and not your intuition, that is basically reminding you not to smoke ( on all those daily occasions). Indulging in our desires causes limitations and complete bondage. You have to be honest with yourself and follow the God in You!! Trust that “it” will lead you where your Suppose to be.

Solitude is Bliss

Change Your Daily Patterns

Are you happy with the way your life is going right now? Once you have been working on your shadows you have to change the daily patterns that was limiting your capabilities. These patterns that don’t serve your path is a way to limit it. You have to do things that will bring you closer to self and to the places you need to be. This is an area that can be easy if you just listen to your intuition. Time manage your day and take out what is not of an importance to do. We do many things that will continue to waist our times. The illusions of these desires will drown out your reality. Staying focus and living your truth is the goal. Morning routines is the first thing you should shape out. How you start your day will show how you will end it. Eating healthy is key. What you first put in your body can be either helpful to your day or not. Taking time to be in solitude for a certain period of time to collect yourself is also helpful in your morning routine. If you are the main character in your story, it is important to take very good care of yourself. What you do reflects upon many and it will show through you. Before you give to the world, give to yourself. Make those new patterns direct you to path you need to go. Learning new things is another great way in evolving within. Reading books has been a great new routine for me. I am taking time to learn what I am reading and have that solitude time to just be. It gives me great energy as my mind is being uplifted through words. This is great because now I am reading one book a month. It gave me self structure through this change of pattern as well. There are many healthy patterns that we can implement in our lives just like exercising, learning new things, journaling, traveling, diet change, and many other positive likings.

Spiritual Journey

Maintain Your Focus

Don’t look back! “Don’t ever look back!!” You are awakening your inner you that always guides you. Stay in connection with that! You can’t go wrong from there. This is what you call, Following Your Heart, Not Fear. Your heart is your intuition that guides you through but it’s almost unknowingly. Your egotistical personality, (as I love to call it) has so many desires that it is guided through fear, so many of the times. Feel the difference and you will know! These are things that we need to focus on and see where it leads us. We are being directed by such, so we need to continue to follow it and not fight it. Yes, we must trust our intuition and not follow the desires that limits us. Focus on yourself and always know that you are the answer. There is no outside source that could help you grow within. Within is within, so focusing on it, will bring awareness and healing in your life.

Enjoying The Moment